Mackenzie Thorpe is a British artist in the mature stage of his career. He was born 1956 in Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, graduated from Cleveland College of Art and Design. His imagery is highly recognized for the main protagonist and his story; their prints, reproductions, and souvenirs are sold worldwide.

A 66-year-old artist, able to preserve the world, seen through child's eyes, kind, naive, and undisturbed by concerns of adulthood. Mackenzie's sculptures and paintings convey a sense of solitude and tranquility. The artist remains loyal to his characters, who are on a continuous journey to find/give love. A simple plot allows his pieces to connect with the audiences on an emotional level evoking sympathy and compassion.

The fact worth mentioning is that his character is faceless, therefore, everyone can relate to the protagonist and be a part of the journey. Finding his confidence in painting, drawing, and sculpture, Mackenzie Thorpe is considered to be one of the most collected and recognized artists of today.

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