Michael Vistia is an internationally known dog artist with numerous accomplishments throughout his lifelong career. To name a few, his paintings are featured yearly on TV by the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, National Geographic, and Fox Sports.

He has a long list of happy clients that include Celebrities, Pro Athletes, Fortune 500 companies and many of the most prestigious people in the world. But, beyond the fancy credits, Michael's focus is more about the love shared between all people and their closest furry companions.

Michael recalls the inspiration behind painting dogs, "as a boy of 9 years old, my first experience with these wonderful animals was with our first dog Sammy, a West Highland Terrier, who showed me that between two beings it only takes one to make a relationship work." "I noticed that no matter my own mood, Sammys only response in return was to show love." "This was tremendously impressive, and eventually led to my own evolution inward, thinking that if we could all achieve what dogs are expressing naturally as unconditional love, what a beautiful world it would be!" "From that point on, my heart was opened and decided to paint my first canvas of Sammy. This led to creating a life of celebrating our deep connection with dogs through my work as a painter."