Seductive and powerful are the two best adjectives to describe the photorealistic portraits of London-based painter Mila Alexander. In her search for attitude and allure, Alexander bypasses the typical vacant good looks in favour of more engaging and exotic models. She is best known for creating sensual and powerful vignette edged photorealistic portraits. Reflecting the artist, each work demonstrates a controlled self awareness manifested in the feminine power of the artist and the confident portrayal of her muses. 

Alexander, who started her career in fashion industry working for top UK couture houses, is fascinated by female beauty and sensuality, as well as art and fashion.  

Mila Alexander lives and works in London, UK, and loves experiencing diverse cultures and various forms of creativity. The artist plan is to depict women of all skin colours, and to reflect the diversity of global culture. Each of Alexander’s portraits are beautifully intense, keeping viewers captivated by the fire that burns within each brush stroke. 

Her artistry represents an incredible fusion or painterly talent alongside a contemporary vision and Alexander’s ambition as an artist is to create a timeless piece of art that will outlive the artist itself. Her work has been bought and collected internationally, and many of her collectors are well-known figures in the public eye.