Emil Armendariz, alias Mr. Debonair became renown in the world of contemporary art by mixing luxury brands with firearms and grenades in unique works.

These works are a critical take on the different view of companies and society in different countries.

The best-known collectors of these works come from all backgrounds: 50 cent, Chris Angel, Future, Kevin Spacey.

Mr. Debonair’s particular mix of war and high fashion has been featured in cities all over the world such as Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, New York City and London.

His work is urban, refined, and has the lasting breath of an older time with his handcrafted art style.

In his latest collection, he fuses two worlds together — the explosive power of weaponry juxtaposed with the beauty and fragility of fashion. The result? Works that take art to unchartered places: unsettling yet exciting and desired by the upper echelon of art connoisseurs.